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Rest In Peace: some of our favorite Avicii highlights

Dancing Astronaut is still reeling from today’s news. Our publication, like many others, would not be here today if it weren’t for this man. He was truly one of the pioneers of the genre, and one of the most talented producers and songwriters out there.

In 2011, Levels grew into more than a song. It was a track that signified the entire dance music genre and its growing popularity worldwide. From this song, Tim Bergling and his team built an entire career. They pushed the boundaries of live performances and stage productions from being behind an anonymous black DJ booth to being on the main stages of the biggest festivals in the world, with production value in lights and stage design to rival the biggest pop stars in the world.

Avicii always pushed his own boundaries, even as the leader of the “new school” of dance music. He performed a “live” set for the release of his album True, which was widely criticized at the time. However, as his songs became his most popular, and were accepted by the mainstream audiences around the world, he was lauded as a pioneer for his cross-genre pollination on tracks like “Wake Me Up.”

As the years went on, Avicii’s legendary status was cemented, despite his less frequent live appearances. Chances to see him live were rare, and thus all the more special. If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing his shows live, you know that his heart was always there, even as a quiet and mild-mannered Swede.

In some way, any fan of dance music or perhaps music more broadly has been touched by Avicii at one point. His name is known around the world. His character is revered by those inside and outside the industry.

While we take the time to let the news settle in so that we can reflect even more on his legacy, we leave you with some highlights from his career.


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