REZZ puts an engrossing spin on The Glitch Mob’s ‘I Could Be Anything’

Few in electronic music can approach the legacy that The Glitch Mob carved out themselves — though, if there was one recent artist poised to make a run at legendary status, REZZ would be an obvious frontrunner.

Now, the superstars have collided, as REZZ has put unveiled her remix of The Glitch Mob’s “I Could Be Anything.” Featuring vocals from Elohim, REZZ’s reproduction is a departure from her normal seismically-charged productions. A loose feel is evoked through her use of a sliding, unfurling bass that climbs and falls throughout the production. It gives the remix a throwback feel, while at the same time it maintains a thoroughly contemporary feel.

For as highly anticipated a remix as this was, REZZ managed to both match and entirely subvert her fans’ outsized expectations.

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