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Spotify and Hulu to offer a joint subscription service at $12.99

Potential new Spotify subscribers will have greater incentive to pay for a subscription given the music streaming platform’s latest collaboration with Hulu.

Arriving this summer, the joint subscription will offer users ad-free Spotify streaming and movies on Hulu’s ad-supported platform, for $12.99 a month. The package’s price will be attractive to those who concurrently subscribe to both services separately — Spotify collects $9.99 a month from its users, while Hulu charges $7.99 a month. The dual plan is modeled after Spotify and Hulu’s pre-existing combined plan. One currently available only to students enrolled at accredited colleges and universities, Spotify and Hulu market the plan to students for just $4.99 a month.

Hulu has since rolled out a 99-cent trial subscription that will serve as a preliminary to the bundled subscription. Those new to Hulu can now take advantage of a three-month ad-supported plan for the three months leading up to the debut of the joint subscription.

H/T: LA Times

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