Stream Steve Angello’s sonic story, ‘Human’Unnamed 2

Stream Steve Angello’s sonic story, ‘Human’

He’s only “Human,” but as the long awaited arrival for the EP of the same name further exemplifies, there’s something special about Steve Angello.

Duly an abstract and conceptual production, Human delivers 21 new tracks to Angello’s listeners, and given both the album’s expanse and the meticulous crafting of each individual song that appears thereon, it’s no wonder that Human materializes as a release that has been years in the making.

“Human is a concept album that I love. No compromise, unfiltered, and straight to the point. It was rewarding to be able to express this piece of me,” Angello said of the experience of making the album, a process that effectively reignited the fire that Angello has seemingly always held for the electronic craft. “After months of disconnect I felt I had to change the way I made music, change the way I thought of music and the way I felt about music.”

A sort of sonic bildungsroman, the album relates the story of Angello’s ascent to a comparatively more connected and profound musical approach in three parts: Genesis, Inferno, and Paradiso. Touted as the purest production to bear the “Angello” stamp of late, Human is poised to reign as one of the most highly extolled albums of 2018.

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