THEY. drops off two new tracks, pledges consistency for 2018Photo Credit Aleander Black Etralarge 1478879335306

THEY. drops off two new tracks, pledges consistency for 2018

Save for a few remixes and a Lido feature, hip-hop and electronic’s growing enigma THEY. has been relatively quiet following the release of their debut album Nü Religion: Hyena, released in early 2017. Now, the LA duo’s back with two new songs: “Ain’t The Same” and “Thrive.”

“Finally after a year, we did it guys,” they said in an Instagram Live before the songs came out. “New shit’s dropping. ‘Thrive’ is some aggressive shit, it’s different.” They added, “This is what we’re going to be performing at Coachella, along with a couple other songs. We’ve been workin’ really hard. I feel really excited about these two songs.”

While “Ain’t The Same” is similar to the duo’s earlier, toned-down material, “Thrive” is certainly a heavier number than the duo’s given fans before, capitalizing on the hip-hop front in their most upfront fashion to date, and promising a fiery Coachella performance just around the corner.

THEY. also promised they’re working to release two new songs per month this year, saying “ We’re going to be consistent as fuck…”

Photo Credit: Alexander Black