Will Sparks – SenselessWill Sparks

Will Sparks – Senseless

Will Sparks┬áhas released an energetic new original, “Senseless.” It features eerie vocal samples, dark melodies, and irresistible, bouncy beats. With exuberant blasts of bass, intriguing harmonies, and suspenseful builds, Will Sparks has crafted a single full of unexpected surprises. From minimalist interludes of vibrant instrumentation, to euphoric drops saturated with many captivating layers of sound, Will Sparks takes listeners on a dynamic journey with his rousing production technique.

Will Sparks is known for his invigorating originals and creative remixes such as his collaboration with Luciana, “Bad Connection,” as well as his emotive take on Meiko‘s “Leave The Lights On.” With his latest, “Senseless,” Will Sparks showcases another side of his innovative tone, leaving fans in eager anticipation for what’s to come.

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