BONNIE X CLYDE release powerful new track ‘The Unknown’BC Unknown Art

BONNIE X CLYDE release powerful new track ‘The Unknown’

BONNIE X CLYDE have mastered the ability to combine radio-worthy tracks with hard drops, thanks to Paige Lopynski’s ethereal vocals and the duo’s powerful production style. They have released the first track of 2018 in song “The Unknown,” which is the first track they have released from their upcoming EP. The producers spoke about the release in an official statement.

“This song is about not fearing the unknown, trusting yourself, and knowing anything is possible if you put everything you’ve got into it and truly believe. We can’t fear the unknown.” – BONNIE X CLYDE

The EP will be titled While We’re Young, and if the other tracks are as dynamic as “The Unknown,” 2018 will certainly be a big year for the duo.