Dada Life releases dynamic album minimix in honor of their new LP, ‘Our Nation’ [Exclusive]DadaLife

Dada Life releases dynamic album minimix in honor of their new LP, ‘Our Nation’ [Exclusive]

Over the past 15 years, Stefan Engblom and Olle Cornéer have not only survived, but thrived through the whirlwind of changes and ephemeral trends of the electronic music industry. The duo comprise Dada Life, and despite the ever evolving industry they are in,  their high energy progressive sound continues to bring them enormous success.

In November of 2017, Cornéer announced that Dada Life would continue to exist, but that he would he would no longer be touring with Engblom due to health reasons. 2018 has been a big transition for the Swedish duo, and while initially shocking to their fan base, this transition has actually resulted in more time spent in the studio and a higher output of music than the duo has had in years.

Dada Life released a new 12-track album, Our Nation, their first full length release since 2012. Now, Dada Life put together an exclusive minimix for DA and commented on the creative decisions that went into the album.

When making this album we didn’t try to follow any trends or think where EDM is going. We made an album that we wanted to listen to. It’s simple, if you do what you love you can do it your whole life, no matter what. We’ve been fortunate that a lot of people around the world feels the same and listens to our music.-Stefan Engblom

The album is a collection of very different tracks, but each is polarizing in its own way. The versatility of Our Nation comes through in the exclusive mix, which is a perfect start to both your Saturday night or your drive to work in the morning.

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