DallasK masters pop on newest release, ‘Recover’Dallask

DallasK masters pop on newest release, ‘Recover’

Dallas Koehlke’s background producing some of the biggest hits on the radio for the likes of Fifth Harmony is apparent in newest release, “Recover.” Koehlke, known as DallasK in the electronic music world, and “Recover” is out now as his own original production where doubles as its vocalist. The producer spoke to DA about what the song means to him, and what emotions went into making it.

ā€œRecover is such a special song to me and Iā€™m so happy I can share it with the world now. I wrote it with one of my best friends, Ammo, one day while we were talking about our individual relationship woes. The song is the embodiment of a feeling I think most people can relate to during a breakup where it feels as if nothing else matters and life will never be the same.ā€ -Dallas Koehlke

The song can only be described as incredibly catchy with Koehlke’s vocals and the infectious commercial house chords serving as a backdrop. The Orlando native has released a stream of singles across different genres with the one unifying theme that he is the vocalist. “Recover” is a hit addition to this collection.

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