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DJing newly qualifies as secondary education for UK students

Those working to earn their General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) in the UK will be able to learn how to DJ and have the music based education count towards their GCSE.

DJing newly qualifies as secondary education in the UK, given examination boards’ identification of decks as formal instruments equivalent to the guitar, piano, and all those previously received as such by secondary education programs. As with all other instruments recognized as “formal” instruments, those who elect to learn how to DJ in their respective programs will receive training in rhythm, tone, metre, harmony, and other music theory basics during their in school music lessons.

Spearheaded by an education business named FutureDJs, the initiative seeks to expand the musical opportunities proffered to students by providing DJ and music production tutors to schools in an effort to develop secondary education instrumental focuses in the two areas. FutureDJs envisions the DJ and music production tutors as traditional instrumental tutors, in terms of in school music lesson instruction. The tutors guide students through a professionally developed course of electronic music study that begins at Key Stage 2, and progresses through to Key Stage 5. The program meets the new music specifications currently upheld by AQA, OCR, and Eduqas GCSE.

“Becoming a DJ is now not only realistic but you can develop the skills of DJing and creating your own electronic music within school time,” FutureDJs notes on their website. “By enjoying our weekly programme of study you can very soon be creating your own music or DJing with all of your favourite songs on the latest and best DJ equipment.” The website has an option for students to fill out a request form that will make FutureDJs aware of student interest at prospective schools. Once FutureDJs receives the online informational inquiry, FutureDJs will then reach out to the student’s school to acquaint the given school with the electronic music scholarship offered by FutureDJs.

FutureDJs hopes to not only draw an increasing number of younger students into music education, but to attract those to GCSE and A-Level Music programs at UK schools.

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