Elephante captivates with ‘Have It All’ featuring NevveElephante

Elephante captivates with ‘Have It All’ featuring Nevve

The countdown for Elephante‘s widely anticipated album Glass Mansion has begun with the release of his fourth single of the collection. The track is called “Have It All” featuring Nevve, and like all of his other productions, it is unapologetically catchy.

The listener is initially captured with Nevve’s enamoring vocals in “Have It All.” The track then builds into a commanding electronic drop with Elephante’s signature progressive sound. The producer released an official statement about his forthcoming EP.

“Glass Mansion is about wanting more. It’s the dream that we’re chasing – whether it’s a career, art, a relationship – and the place we build in our heads that we think will ultimately make us happy. We spend all our time constructing and improving this imagined place, redecorating, buying furniture, planning the next addition. It’s never enough and yet we keep building anyway, because we hope that once it’s done we’ll finally be satisfied.

This project is about realizing that no matter how beautiful and strong what we build is, it’s ultimately fragile and one stone could bring it all down. It’s about coming to peace with the fact that it all might never be finished, and that’s okay. It’s about realizing that our Glass Mansion isn’t the answer to all our problems, and it’s about the journey of finding grace and happiness in a half-built home.”

The California-based producer has used this album to showcase his wide-ranging production abilities, from acoustic “Come Back For You” featuring Matluck to progressive and upbeat “The In Between” featuring Anjulie. If the first four tracks are indicative of what we can expect from the full album’s release, the rumored June 15 full release date cannot come quickly enough.

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