Exclusive: Cobi – Goddess (M4SONIC Remix)Goddess Remi Cobi M4sonic

Exclusive: Cobi – Goddess (M4SONIC Remix)

Cobi hit a sweet spot on “Goddess,” a track that appeared on the singer-songwriter’s 2017 album, Songs From The Ashes. A barefaced and confessional number that foregrounded Cobi’s signature vocal rasp, “Goddess” finds reinvention in M4SONIC’s take on the track, one that heightens the drama of the original.

M4SONIC makes an impression with the remix, one that forgoes the slow paced piano intro of the original for electronic opening accents that effectively set the stage for the remaining twists to come. Whereas “Goddess” centers Cobi’s vocal, adding only subtle but soulful background guitar melody and percussive elements throughout the choruses, M4SONIC’s revamp extends the electronic tones of the intro throughout the song, allowing these tones to mount as the beat climbs. Cobi’s vocal remains the centerpiece of M4SONIC’s remix, but makes gains in its striking quality, given M4SONIC’s inclusion of climactic electronic embellishments.

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