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Aliases that are aesthetically and conceptually distinct from an artist’s wheelhouse represent departures from the usual and allow for the flexing of creativity.  Brillz has now unveiled a new alter ego in the form of LSDREAM.

A project that has long occupied Brillz’s time, LSDREAM signals a new sonic venture, notable for his trap oriented productions. LSDREAM emblematizes the genre fluidity that will allow the producer to shift from his typical style and instead meld trap, dubstep, glitch, and other subgenres, making for dynamic and unfettered amalgamations of sound. Complemented by immersive visuals intended to amplify the listening experience, the music that makes its debut under the LSDREAM moniker will be both magnetizing and mesmerizing, the first taste of which figures in “OBLIVION,” the first single to offer listeners a preview of Brillz’s sonic vision for LSDREAM. Sweeping, atmospheric synths, periodic voiceovers, and intergalactic bass additions constitute the track, a highly stylized first look at the musical identity of newcomer, LSDREAM.

Listeners can expect LSDREAM to soon make an extended appearance via Voyager, LSDREAM’s incoming LP. Voyager will be released on Liquid Stranger‘s WAKAAN label come May 18.

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