First Listen: Soulji releases inaugural EP, ‘Black Mask’Soulji Black Mask EP Art

First Listen: Soulji releases inaugural EP, ‘Black Mask’

After debuting the EP’s namesake track on Monstercat in March, mysterious label newcomer Soulji is finally releasing the six-track Black Mask to the world.

The secretive artist has honed his alluring, haunting style over the course of the EP’s introductory track and following five songs. From the eerie, deep recesses of “You Shouldn’t Be Here” to the sultry house vibes of “Stress” with Tylor Maurer, Soulji commands attention. From start to finish, he conjures up a dark, shadowy sound that is anything but ordinary, leaving his listeners slightly uncomfortable but seeking more.

The intertwining of elements of bass and house — along with a sprinkle of mystery and intrigue — makes this introductory body of work enticing and powerful.  

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