Fox Stevenson delivers more driving drum & bass in new EPFo Stevenson Glue Gun 1

Fox Stevenson delivers more driving drum & bass in new EP

UK-based drum & bass aficionado, Fox Stevenson, has shared two more bustling dnb tracks via his new Glue Gun / Never Before EP, succeeding his steady stream of 2018 releases with notorious YouTube-housed dnb imprint, Liquicity. This has been a fortuitous year for Stevenson, who just performed at EDC Vegas, as the genre’s surge in popularity in the States has undoubtedly given him an edge.

Though dnb has been a pervasive motif in Stevenson’s discography, his sonic wing span stretches far beyond any single genre. His production agility has allowed him to release music on vastly differing and vested labels including house music on Spinnin‘, melodic bass on Monstercat, and dubstep on Disciple and Firepower. Ever-present and radiating through all his music, however, is Stevenson’s sprightly, animated vigor.

Providing his own original vocals as usual, his newest, two-track EP, which includes two instrumental variations, allows Stevenson’s playful, video game-like lifeblood to shine through unadulteratedly. While “Glue Gun” embodies a slightly transcendent tone with low, vocoded vocals and an acute sense of urgency running through the buildup and spilling into the chorus, “Never Before” carries a buoyant vibe in both its carefree lyrics and rich, interluding synths.

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