i_o thrills with two-track ‘Rootkit’ EPI O Rootkit

i_o thrills with two-track ‘Rootkit’ EP

Since bursting onto the scene with “Warning” in December, i_o has established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

The darknet-dwelling producer has thrilled with each new release, flexing production capabilities that span from ethereal progressive house to hard-hitting techno.

i_o has followed up his February ANALOG//DDoS mau5trap EP with another two-track offering on the label, RootkitRootkit is comprised of two vastly different tracks: the emotive “Audio Dust” and the aggressive “Passivex.”

“Audio Dust” is masterfully crafted, centered around heavenly female vocals that drift in and out of a blissful progressive melody. This track lifts listeners up into an otherworldly, dreamy utopia and showcases the lighter side of i_o’s style.

On “Passivex,” i_o dives deep into his techno roots, pounding out a forceful track that delivers pure energy and destruction. With brief breaks for synth-centered melodies, the seven-minute track shows i_o in his finest form: commanding a dark symphony of bass.

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