Ibiza authorities investigating go-go dancers impersonating police at Pacha reopening partyPacha Ibiza Policia

Ibiza authorities investigating go-go dancers impersonating police at Pacha reopening party

Wearing the crown as Ibiza‘s hottest nightclub proves no easy feat. Now it seems the White Isle’s clubbing crowned jewel, Pacha, could be in quite a bit of hot water.

Ibiza’s public prosecutor’s office is currently investigating a May 4 incident involving two go-go dancers impersonating policemen at Pacha’s reopening party.

Originally reported by El Mundo, two men in local police uniforms led a group of VIPs from the neighboring Pacha Hotel to the club, even managing to stop traffic along the way. When they then entered the club, the two alleged officers soon jumped onstage and ordered that the music be turned off. Fortunately, the 5,000-strong crowd started whistling and booing, and the music soon returned.

Two legitimate police officers reportedly witnessed the entire incident and reported it immediately to the local authorities and a local citizen group, EPIC, which demanded that Pacha apologized for the PR stunt.

“What happened that night concerns us,” reads a statement from local citizens group EPIC. “Usually when someone is dressed up, you notice straight away, but in this case that didn’t happen, so everyone at the party initially believed that the two young men who turned out to be go-go dancers were really policemen.”

It  continues: “It’s particularly serious given that members of the local council were present and did nothing to stop it from happening. This wasn’t just a crime; it was a shameful joke at the expense of the police, whom we should respect.”

Pacha has now responded, claiming the uniforms were not in fact official and had been made by the club’s costume department. They also said the uniforms had been used at previous events without issue, and that the uniforms didn’t include any official badges or other official paraphernalia.

Photo credit: Pacha Ibiza

Via: El Mundo

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