Iggy Pop and Underworld release heavy-hitting stream-of-consciousness collaboration, ‘Bells & Circles’Underworld Iggy Pop Bells Circle

Iggy Pop and Underworld release heavy-hitting stream-of-consciousness collaboration, ‘Bells & Circles’

Remember smoking on the airplane?

Iggy Pop does. Here’s a list of other things the former Stooges wildman and the brains behind seminal songs like “Lust For Life,” “Real Wild Child (Wild One),” and “The Passenger” remembers: snorting cocaine off tray tables, picking up stewardesses, and, he sings matter of factly,  losing the number of the stewardesses he snorted said large quantity of cocaine for in the first place.

Basically, Iggy Pop’s punk as shit and his new stream-of-consciousness Underworld collaboration, a severely punk electronic crossover, points to this imperative truth.

Having recently collaborated with Oneohtrix Point Never on Good Time’s “The Pure And The Damned,” comes Iggy Pop’s second new electronic coalescence. This time, Iggy’s joined forces with the underground English producers Underworld — best known for their hard-hitter “Born Slippy (Nuxx)” — on “Bells & Circles,” which rides on an extensive spoken-word bit from Iggy about the good halcyon days of air travel.

Underworld, who began their career playing punk and new wave, contributes menacing breakbeats that would send shivers down Boys Noize‘s spine. Clocking in just under eight minutes, “Bells & Circles” is a collaboration made in heavy-hitting heaven. Apparently, the track was dreamt up during an afternoon tea encounter, at least according to a press release, but as the track swells, and it becomes clearer the track will see out plentiful playtime on the dance floor, we’re more and more curious what dinner and drinks could mean for these underground passengers.

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