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Kygo & Alan Walker say a collab ‘is going to happen’ in new interview

To namedrop the genre “EDM” is to invoke the names “Kygo” and “Alan Walker.” The tropical house tastemaker and the mesmerizing, multi-talented “Faded” producer have been formidable contributors to the electronic scene as dance music continues to morph into a pop culturally recognized and celebrated mega-genre, replete with its own celebrities. As per Kygo’s description, EDM currently revels as a “big soup with all types of different genres and exciting collaborations,” in which artists “don’t have to feel limited by genre.” The cross-genre potentiality inherent in electronic as it currently stands is but one of the many topics that Kygo and Alan Walker touch on in their recent interview with PAPER.

In the midst of the North American leg of Kygo’s Kids In Love Tour, the tour mates talk mainstream appeal, what matters most in modern day music production, and much more, including an inevitable Kygo/Alan Walker collaboration. When asked to underscore their “favorite collaborations” that they’ve put forth, as well as their “dream collaborators,” Kygo deemed the selection of a “favorite” collab to be too difficult to define, while Walker recalled his work with DJ Ness on their 2017 joint reworking and re-release of “Splash The Bass.” Walker notably paid Kygo a sizeable compliment in his response to the question of “dream collaborators,” retorting that he would “definitely pick [Kygo],” to which Kygo replied “Wow! Well that one is going to happen!” Kygo went on to cite Ed Sheeran as a collaborator who “has always been on the top of [his] list.”

Given the stature of both Kygo and Walker in the electronic sphere, a project involving the combined talents of both artists would inarguably be a match made in collaborative heaven.


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