LANDR launches new audio samples service, SamplesLandrInstagram

LANDR launches new audio samples service, Samples

A provider of online audio and music mastering, LANDR has unveiled Samples, a free service that will offer sample audio packs to its members in a variety of genres, including pop, funk, and techno. The AI empowered platform will additionally feature sample packs from distinguished artists like Mike & Keys and Pan-Pot. Sample collections created by users and stored in LANDR’s sample user base will also be available to members.

At 10,000 sound choices, Samples’ library is smaller than and Splice’s sound libraries, which total 500,000 and 2,000,000, respectively. Expanse aside, Samples triumphs in its cost free selection of the sample packs, accessible to members at no charge once a LANDR user registers with the website through email or through Facebook. Other sample sites comparable in nature to Samples typically assess a small monthly fee, or some other sort of minor financial investment, before granting the visitor access to the sound packs.

LANDR intends to add new sound packs to its sound archive on a regular basis, widening the range of sounds that members will be able to use. LANDR furthermore plans to develop support services for musicians who make their own samples, like instructional information on how to devise and sell sample based material.

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