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Lane 8’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix has officially arrived

The wait for Lane 8’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix is finally over.

The house-honed producer prepares to “stir up” his listeners in the two-hour mix, rife with Lane 8 edits, remixes of Lane 8 classics, and releases from fellow artists signed to his This Never Happened label.

“Ten years ago I was a college student just getting into dance music and I probably listened to Paul Oakenfold’s 1999 essential mix from Space Ibiza about 400 times in my dorm with my friends, dancing around like idiots and pretending to DJ along. Now I have my own essential mix!!” Lane 8 tweeted back in April, when the news of his impending BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix debut broke.

An embodiment of Lane 8’s progress from the days of dorm room dancing to a steady and continuous ascendance to notoriety in modern house circles, the Essential Mix encapsulates Lane 8’s careful selectivity in terms of the tracks that make the mix’s cut, the poise and polish of Lane 8’s mixing skills, and the contemplative, dreamy vibe that characterizes the Little By Little producer’s sound.

Track list:
Lane 8 & Anderholm – Bluebird [This Never Happened]
Enamour – Kenosis [This Never Happened]
Lane 8 – Stir Me Up (Khåen Remix) [This Never Happened]
Kiasmos – Shed [Erased Tapes]
Active Child – Johnny Belinda (Dave DK Pacific Coast Ride) [Subtract]
Elliott Smith – Angeles (Lane 8 Edit) [White]
Avoure – Floyd [This Never Happened]
George Fitzgerald – Burns (Lane 8 Morning Mix) [Domino]
Lane 8 – No Captain ft. Polica (Dirty South Remix) [This Never Happened]
Lane 8 – Hold On ft. Fractures (Ben Böhmer Remix) [This Never Happened]
Solanca – Belladonna [This Never Happened]
Khåen – Third Evangelist [This Never Happened]
Lane 8 – Little By Little [This Never Happened]
Karmon – Endless [Diynamic]
Boxer – Verde [White]
Jerro – Vrolix [This Never Happened]
Deadmau5 – Not Exactly (Lane 8 Rework) w/ Lane 8 – Diamonds ft. Solomon Grey (Acapella) [White]
Deeparture – Hurricane [This Never Happened]
Mat Zo – Superman (Lane 8 Remix) [White]
Lane 8 – The Disappearance of Colonel Mustard [This Never Happened]
Enamour & Arien – Run Away [This Never Happened]
Lane 8 feat. RBBTS – Visions [This Never Happened]
Lane 8 – Clarify ft. Fractures (Tinlicker Remix) [This Never Happened]
Rylan Taggart & Jerro – Memories Never Die [This Never Happened]
Lane 8 & Khaen – Duchess [This Never Happened]

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