Lido and J’von team up on heartfelt ‘Spacesuit’ EPLido Jvon Spacesuit

Lido and J’von team up on heartfelt ‘Spacesuit’ EP

Forever pushing the boundaries of today’s music, Norwegian producer Lido has joined forces with Seattle rapper J’von for an innovative seven-track EP, Spacesuit.

Spacesuit kicks off by bringing in a third collaborator, Towkio, to express a love of shoes in aptly titled “Sneakerhead.” A quick-witted intro verse juxtaposed with a bright guitar line ushers in an easygoing tune that sets the stage for the following songs.

From there, the EP flows effortlessly, melding Lido and J’von’s styles through top-notch harmonies and heartfelt production. They tap other collaborators like Mulherin and Mayer Hawthorne, who also fit in effortlessly with the soulful, silky-smooth vibe of Spacesuit.

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