Louis The Child – Last To Leave ft Caroline Ailin (Midnight Kids Remix)Midnight Kids Remi

Louis The Child – Last To Leave ft Caroline Ailin (Midnight Kids Remix)

Midnight Kids, the duo that has kept fans in mystery for their unknown identity, has released a stunning progressive house remix of Louis The Child‘s “Last To Leave.” The piece features an indie feel with a moving, harmonic melody, intriguing beats, and an easy-flowing chorus.

“Louis the Child are an act we’ve watched grow immensely over the last few years, so when we had the opportunity to remix this record we were ecstatic,” the duo says of the remix. “The original track is amazing, and we wanted to keep the same amount of energy the original had while still incorporating our signature nostalgic style. The remix came together so organically and there couldn’t have been an easier vocal to work with, Caroline Ailin killed it. We hope you guys enjoy this one! Thank you for all your support you’ve shown us, it means the world to us. Our adventure is only just beginning.”

Midnight Kids have continued their streak of elegant and alluring pop-crossover tracks with their latest remix. Some of Midnight Kids’ most prominent tracks include their remix of Justice‘s “Phantom Pt. II,” as well as their take on A R I Z O N A‘s “Electric Touch.” With their captivating sound, Midnight Kids continues to keep listeners mesmerized with each uplifting release in their roster.

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