MUST DIE! remixes Slander and SAYMYNAME’S ‘I Can’t Escape’Must Die Press Shot2

MUST DIE! remixes Slander and SAYMYNAME’S ‘I Can’t Escape’

Slander and SAYMYNAME invite MUST DIE! to remix “I Can’t Escape” featuring Feli Ferraro. The original mix goes exceptionally hard, while the MUST DIE!’s remix effort exists in its own alternative bass universe. Ferraro’s voice maintains a celestial pop-inspired ambiance contrasted by a heavily percussive build and blistering hardcore bass drop. Head-bangers everywhere will be throwing their skulls below the bar on this remix. It’s a headbangers anthem designed to shake the rails at festival stages. MUST DIE! mashes together an uplifting topline and a battering break as different night and day, slashing the comforting feeling of Ferraro’s vocals with a heavy dose of violent kicks, screeching synths, and growling bass.

Photo Credit: mustdiemusic/Instagram

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