Ookay demonstrates ingenuity on debut LP, ‘Wow! Cool Album!’ [Stream]28195161578704765583

Ookay demonstrates ingenuity on debut LP, ‘Wow! Cool Album!’ [Stream]

Ookay exhibited playful, whimsical youth on “Thief,” the 2016 single that made a name for producer and made its way around the festival circuit, its saxophone assisted drop solified as one of the most easily recognizable — and pervasive — hooks of the electronic circles. Ookay has since commanded a presence in his release of singles — think “Cool” and “Help Me Out” — leading up to the arrival of his debut album, Wow! Cool Album!.

A production that lives up to the heightened anticipation that enveloped the album prior to its release, Wow! Cool Album! couples Ookay’s own vocal talents with eclectic sounds and tones that further evince the producer’s original approach to melodic constructions and beat writing. The twelve-track offering morphs in tone from song to song, making for an album that remains refreshing and distinctly of its own groove, an accomplishment in the current context of dance music, where all producers vie to establish and develop their own sound.

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