Premiere: John O’Callaghan ft. Stine Grove – Our DestinyOur Destiny John OCallaghan Stine Grove

Premiere: John O’Callaghan ft. Stine Grove – Our Destiny

A proper uplifting tune is one that not only elates the mood in a room, but also one that catalyzes the utmost emotive response.

Over his storied tenure in trance, John O’Callaghan has mastered this technique when electing to create a piece under the uplifting guise. His most recent endeavor, “Our Destiny,” finds itself among other anthemic gems in his repertoire, which include “One Special Particle,” his iconic “Two Trees,” and more recently, “Choice of the Angels.”

Stine Grove’s vocal talents were tapped for “Our Destiny,” with her warm vocals wrapping around a distinctive low end and touching chord progressions. The piece cascades into an ethereal breakdown, emptying into a river of sentimentality as all of its elements come together in a cohesive, and blissful form. Given the “hands in the air” moments that this production elicits, we’re quite confident that it will be rinsed far and wide across the trance sphere throughout the coming months.

“Our Destiny” will be released through Subculture on May 25. Order a copy here

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