Premiere: Roy Rosenfeld – Gran PoemaHelena Artwork

Premiere: Roy Rosenfeld – Gran Poema

Israel is known as a hotbed for caliber talent, and Roy Rosenfeld is no exception. Possessing a keen ear for arrangement and a refusal to adhere to any genre “rule” in particular, he entered the underground circuit swinging and soon found himself held in high esteem among peers like Guy Mantzur, Guy J, and more.

His career has only continued to skyrocket, with recent releases on All Day I Dream, Kompakt, and Systematic. Now, he makes his debut on Lost&Found with his newest EP, an ethereal and introspective Helena.

Rosenfeld follows up the EP’s namesake opener with “Gran Poema,” which builds upon the theme set by its predecessor, adding complexity to its drawn-out, hollow base with glittering synthwork and bittersweet piano chords. New elements poke out as the song unfolds, maintaining attention until the very end and into the closing track. Given his track record thus far, we suspect Rosenfeld is sitting on quite a few more goodies that will continue to draw fans into his fold.



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