Promises Ltd. makes their return with hypnotic ‘Dreams’Promisesltd

Promises Ltd. makes their return with hypnotic ‘Dreams’

Dream-pop duo, Promises Ltd., comprised of Jeremy Melvin, aka Chrome Sparks, and Miniature Tigers frontman Charlie Brand, first demonstrated their affinity for bridging dance and alternative in 2016 with their debut self-titled Promises Ltd. EP.

An organic evolution of the two members’ friendship, Promises Ltd. is the product of Brand’s poignantly whimsical vocals and lyricism, and Melvin’s synth-riddled, analog instrumentation.

Their first song release in two years is the aptly named “Dreams,” through the niche-friendly Majestic Casual Records. Brand’s tender, introspective delirium sweeps through the track, immaculately accompanied by chimerical harp and guitar plucks from Melvin’s end. Melvin’s vapory synth work and otherworldly production allow Brand to revel in the nostalgia of expired or unrequited (or both) love, while remaining self-aware: “If I don’t stand for somethin’, I’ll be lost in your world.”

Photo Credit: Purple Sneakers

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