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Tidal reportedly late on royalty payments to labels, music distributors

A new report asserts that Jay-Z’s music streaming service, Tidal, is already behind on its payments to record labels and music distributors alike. The news of Tidal’s supposed financial delays follows allegations that Tidal generated more than 300 million fake streams for Kanye and Beyoncé. Tidal has since denied the accusations, attributing the claims to a ‘smear campaign’ intended to create suspicion as to the service’s credibility.

CEO of Norwegian indie label, Propellor Recordings, Frithjof Hungnes stated that the label had “not been paid since October.” The CEO of Norwegian distribution company, Phonofile — an entity linked to Sony — also affirmed “delays in payments from Tidal.” The other sources who have vocalized Tidal’s late payment times remained anonymous.

The report, published in partial translation by Digital Music News, indicated that several industry sources noted late, or missing payments from Tidal. “We’ve heard lots of complaints from readers that Tidal is failing to pay on time, or not paying at all. That includes artists, as well as entire indie labels” Digital Music News founder Paul Resnikoff wrote during the time of the January 2017 report’s dissemination.


Featured photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images For Roc Nation

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