Watch deadmau5 produce 3D sounds using Dolby AtmosMaresdefault

Watch deadmau5 produce 3D sounds using Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is changing the live audio landscape by way of a new three-dimensional sound space. Venues play electronic music in stereo, which has sound directed through two speakers. This limits the listening experience because no matter how many speakers are in the club, there is still only two channels of sound. Dolby Atmos has created a space where the sound revolves around the listener; think 3D sounds.

Various artists are already taking advantage of the experience: deadmau5The Glitch MobLondon Elektricity, and Yousef. In Dolby‘s newest video on their Atmos technology, deadmau5 demonstrates his process of producing a track for the 3D space. Throughout the feature, deaThe mau5trap label boss advises other producers using Atmos to, “keep most of [the tracks], still, front-and-center, because you have to think of Atmos like you’re looking at a movie screen.”

The “Strobe” creator praises Dolby’s resources by mentioning they have “the most arsenal out there to for people to enjoy the system on.” The use of leading edge technology has always been a major facet to deadmau5’s appeal as an artist, and with Dolby’s new, interactive method of sound design now becoming a reality, perhaps 3D deadmau5 productions aren’t too far off.

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