Watch the Korg Volca Mixer in actionKorg Volca Mi 180118

Watch the Korg Volca Mixer in action

Korg‘s Volca series has grown immensely popular, and with very little wonder why. The series is compact, comes with a small price tag, and a huge sound. It makes sense that Korg would want to continue to build on the success of the line.

As such, earlier this year, Korg added a compact mixer to its affordable Volca line with a three-channel mini mixer with FX sends, dual-pass filter on each channel, built-in speakers, and sync and power out.

Now, DJ Mag is giving an exclusive first look at the Volca Mixer. They’ve hooked the units together and are demonstrating just how it all works.

The Volca Mix is priced at $169.99.
H/T: DJ Mag

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