WATCH: Skrillex’s ID filled set from FORM Arcosanti 2018SKRILLE

WATCH: Skrillex’s ID filled set from FORM Arcosanti 2018

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and in the case of Skrillex, this colloquialism runs true. Having more or less taken a step back from performing, Skrillex’s instead been kicking it into high gear in the studio.

His latest return to the stage was at one of the most underrated festivals in the world — the intimate, Hundred Waters-curated Arizona festival FORM Arcosanti — and it was a feverish testament to his continued versatility behind the decks.

What originally started as an application-only festival has since grown into a 1,000+ people event with utterly unparalleled company, and considering Skrilly’s performances are few and far between, one would hope he’d bring his A-game. Expectedly, he did. Gathered together in the Minds Garden, Skrillex transcended genre and proved that like fine wine, he’s only getting better with age.

Photo Credit: FORM Arcosanti

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