1788-L remixes Skrillex and Poo Bear’s ‘Would You Ever’1788 L Skrille

1788-L remixes Skrillex and Poo Bear’s ‘Would You Ever’

Newcomer 1788-L has thrown a wrench in Skrillex and Poo Bear‘s hit track “Would You Ever.” The remix is an ode to the dubstep king himself, praising his distorted vocal production, chops, and sub bass play. Poo Bear’s vocals are center stage, as one of Justin Bieber‘s main writers should be, providing a stark contrast to the heavy drop. There’s even a bit of a groovy vibe on the second verse.

The heavy use of sub bass allows listeners to feel the music. When it’s contrasted with sparkly, glitchy high ends, there’s a vast dichotomy at play. The computer is an instrument, and 1788-L is a prime example of its capabilities.

1788-L has had a quick rise to the top, already working with some of the industries top producers. The mysterious producer has dropped stellar remixes that bring out the best elements of their original predecessors, as evidenced in his remixes of Virtual-Self, Daft PunkKraftwerk, and 4AM.

Before this remix of Skrillex and Poo Bear, the enigma’s latest was a huge collaboration with ILLENIUM, Said The Sky, and Kerli called “Sound of Where’d U Go.”

Download his remix of “Would You Ever” for free here.

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