Beatamines revitalizes deep electronica with a sultry new LP, ‘X’Beatamines

Beatamines revitalizes deep electronica with a sultry new LP, ‘X’

Germany might be a hub for industrial, banging techno, but many forget that the country has also been a hotbed for pioneering melodic acts as well — many of which helped birth trance in the early 1990s. Recently, we’ve seen a softer, ethereal sound take hold of Berlin and surrounding towns once more, with new labels and acts helping inject this renovated sound back into the underground sphere.

Beatamines is one such act pioneering this new and swiftly rising soundscape, and has now composed a new, career-defining work: X. It’s a particularly special LP that commemorates a decade spent in the industry, landing on Lauter Unfug.

X unfolds across 11 diverse cuts, showcasing Beatamines’ versatility as a producer. It opens with a smooth, rolling “Red Mountain,” which conveys a sense of sorrow beneath its ethereal vocal samples and fluttering piano notes. Descending deeper into the album, listeners are taken through a mixture of light and shadow, all bound by an emotive, melodic motif. “Third Eye” and “Dark Shadows” are sinister vocal additions to the pack, descending down corridors of raw synths and utilizing clever editing around each verse to raise goosebumps. “Spark” carries a similar effect, entirely with instrumentation.

The German producer also lays on the mystery, with the Innervisions-esque “Neighbours,” “Pacific,” and the David Keno-assisted “Omega” carrying arrangement that is playful, yet intriguing. In painting a mental picture with these tracks, adventurous imagery comes to mind as adrenaline spikes in exploring the great sonic unknown. Finally, the feel-good vibes are brought in spades for X; “Good,” for example features sunny piano chords and funky robotic progressions that feel like a cool breeze. “Remember The Vibe” lights up the dance floor with tribal percussion and enticing synth notes. “Frames” closes the album on an overwhelmingly blissful note, evoking subtle memories of the classic Anjunabeats sound — albeit, at a lower tempo.

It’s safe to say that despite already passing the decade mark within electronica, Beatamines is only just reaching his prime, and helping to bring back a new sound while doing so.


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