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Behringer sends cease and desist letter to Chinese music tech blog, Midifan

German audio equipment company Behringer had some choice words for Chinese music tech blog Midifan regarding the website’s word choice in its description of Behringer products.

The budget hardware manufacturer sent a cease and desist letter to Midifan notifying the blog that Behringer would seek “criminal responsibility for defamation” if Midifan refused to “remove all the insulting infringement articles” within a seven-day grace period. The letter additionally outlines Behringer’s expectation that Midifan will “issue a clarification announcement…to eliminate all adverse effects caused by the negative reputation due to [Midifan’s] comments.”

Behringer is notable for a series of successive product releases comprised of imitation models of iconic music machines, including their most recent take on Roland’s classic TR-808, the Behringer RD-808.

Midifan’s titling of such Behringer items as “shameless” and “copycat” in headlines like “Behringer’s recent crazy copycat stems from a trap of imitation chip more than a decade ago,” and “Can’t stop copycat: Behringer will make the Eurorack module next?” offer a glimpse of the language that Behringer deemed “defamatory” in Midifan’s discussion of the brand.

Behringer’s cease and desist letter marks an “unprecedented” legal interaction between an audio equipment company and a “press outlet.”

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