Boombox Cartel – NBDNBD Boombo Cartel

Boombox Cartel – NBD

It seems Boombox Cartel are an endless fountain of creativity and intuition when it comes to their storied track record of bass-heavy dance productions. They have delivered once more in the form of “NBD,” off the heels of their powerful “Moon Love,” which featured the vocals of Nessly and their Travis Scott remix.

“NBD” is coyly titled, given its impact on the dancefloor. In their usual fashion, Boombox Cartel have created a monstrous main stage jam, whose heavy, ear-shattering aspects are temporarily abated by an airy, melodic breakdown — a calming “eye of the storm.” so to speak, before listeners are doused once more with a drop made for chaotic movement.


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