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Brasstracks release soulful new tune, ‘Stay There’

Whenever a Brasstracks song comes on it’s almost like being transported to the past, into a church full of instrumental music and, most importantly, soul.

The Grammy-winning duo comprised of Ivan Jackson (trumpet) and Conor Rayne (drums), brilliantly managed channel the spirit of older music, while completely revamping it and turning it into something brand new.

With both of them being classically trained musicians, it’s no surprise that the duo seamlessly creates catchy tunes full of silky smooth horns, R&B feels and percussion so good that goosebumps start to form. Now, they grace speakers with “Stay There,” featuring Xavier Omär, which comes as the lead single off of their upcoming EP, For Those Who Know Pt. II.

“Stay There” is an anthem that speaks to leaving the past in the past. With vibrant and uplifting trumpet melodies along with a funky fresh bassline, the duo create the perfect space for Omär to come and shine all over the track with his sultry voice. The three of them together might just be better than Corona and lime, but who knows…crack one open and listen and see if its true.

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