Don Diablo stirs summery sentiments in new editBig Pineapple Another Chance Don Diablo Edit

Don Diablo stirs summery sentiments in new edit

The past few months on Don Diablo‘s end have been fairly silent in regards to new music works. He’s been amidst an expansive, marathon tour, so it makes sense. However, he recently found time to hash out a fresh edit of Big Pineapple’s “Another Chance,” and has since bestowed it upon his patient fans.

Not much is known about Big Pineapple, nor the original “Another Chance,” for that matter. A search for the tune on various platforms yielded zero result. That said, Diablo’s edit is certainly a pleasurable one. He douses the ears with his signature future house methodology — though more toned down in this piece — and pumps emotion into the finished product with soothing piano riffs and warm vocals. It listens like a drive down the highway, or a days spent outdoors in the summer with friends.

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