Four Bonnaroo medical staffers suffer carbon monoxide poisoningBonnaroo E1601134899608

Four Bonnaroo medical staffers suffer carbon monoxide poisoning

At a major event like Bonnaroo Festival, the safety of the attendees is usually the top priority of the medical staff. The paramedic team, who already had their hands full with 37 hospitalizations and one death at this year’s festival, were forced to look after their own, as four paramedics were hospitalized for exposure to carbon monoxide.

Due to a blocked exhaust pipe of a generator, the Bonnaroo staff’s recreational vehicle began to fill with toxic carbon monoxide gas. Fortunately, one of the paramedics awoke on Monday and was able to find help. Three members of the medical team were airlifted to a hospital while the other was taken to a nearby facility. The names and conditions of the paramedics remain unknown.

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Photo credit: Clean Vibes, LLC

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