Fox Stevenson re-boards the dub train to head ‘Out On My Own’Fo Stevenson Out On My Own 1

Fox Stevenson re-boards the dub train to head ‘Out On My Own’

Disciple habitué, the gregariously animated Fox Stevenson, has returned to the notorious dubstep domain with his latest and greatest, “Out On My Own,” which has also been featured Disciple’s Disciple X Jericho compilation album. The track puts Fox back in action with his last two-track, drum & bass EP, Glue Gun / Never Before (following a long dnb kick from the producer, in general) just barely hot off the studio presses. Fox’s last dubstep debut, which came in 2017, was also under Disciple: the prodigiously received For Fox Sake EP—which was not without its dnb appendages, of course.

But now, Fox is back with more neck-swinging dubstep. “Out On My Own” features Fox’s signature self-sung vocals, which are a driving force in the complexity ensconcing his productions, overall; as his often somber, though steadfast, lyrics serve as an exquisite counter to his cheerful, effervescent sound design. In usual Fox fashion, with its melodic dubstep bass screeches and stirring lyrics, “Out On My Own” packs an equally pounding and poignant punch.

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