Good Morning Mix: Goldroom returns with hour-long Saguaro mixGoldroom Saguaro 2018

Good Morning Mix: Goldroom returns with hour-long Saguaro mix

Any mix from Goldroom makes for the perfect wake-up soundtrack.

The L.A. producer just released a beautifully arranged Saguaro mix — his first since his Verano mix last July. Goldroom masterfully sprinkles in tracks from Point Point, Oliver, Yolanda Be Cool, kicking the session off with an unreleased original of his own, “Girl.” In this latest mix, the producer gives us a peek into his life and the music that fuels his creative process.

“The last year has been weird,” he says. “Foggy endless evenings in my studio, days locked in a cervical neck collar, nights on overnight flights, early mornings in hotel rooms. When you’re working through an injury, depression, heartbreak, or even just anxiety about the world, I’ve always found that the days just start to blend together. The past year feels like an endless haze, full of questions and half answers. I always try to contextualize these mixes, but the truth is, making music has been true north, the one real escape. I’ve always used music this way, and I’m realizing more as I get older that music is pretty unimpeachable in that way. So what I can promise is that this mix is pure – full of a lot of that confusion, cloudiness, heartbreak, and hope. If you’re feeling those things, this mix is for you. I hope it can be a window of hope or a ray of light; an escape you can close your eyes to and breathe for a minute.”

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