Gorillaz tap Snoop Dogg & Jamie Principle for gloomy new funk track, ‘Hollywood’Gorillaz Ace Hollywood

Gorillaz tap Snoop Dogg & Jamie Principle for gloomy new funk track, ‘Hollywood’

Gorillaz have shared a considerable amount of new material off their forthcoming album, The Now Now. Now, with zero signs of slowing down, on top of a recent announcement that the virtual band would debut the record on the Boiler Room, they’ve unveiled another new tune.

“Hollywood” is the latest in their string of singles and one of the only collaborations on the album. Snoop Dogg’s smooth vocals are delivered on top of glittery synth punches which together tackle the dark side of a superficial Hollywood lifestyle. Although, Snoop Dogg more respectively raps about the world’s misunderstanding of his own talent. “They wanna eye me down, tie me down, lock me up, ” he sings of the world’s constrictions. Continuing, “But I’m a lion in the dog pound,” and one can imagine the smirk on his face as he finishes with a simple — “Now how that sound?” It’s an appropriate verse coming from an artist who’s dealt with their fair share of stylistic critiques, and lifestyle changes, but also an equally applicable approach to how Gorillaz are letting their creativity run wild on their new material.

“Hollywood” marks the second time Gorillaz have collaborated with Snoop Dogg and it’s one of both the rapper’s and the group’s most danceable outcomes of late. Of course, both Doggystyle and Plastic Beach are each more than deserving of a revisit though.

The Now Now is out June 29 via Warner Bros.

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