Lane 8 taps label signees for new two-track EP, ‘Bluebird/Duchess’ [Stream]Best

Lane 8 taps label signees for new two-track EP, ‘Bluebird/Duchess’ [Stream]

The opening and closing tracks of Lane 8’s long awaited BBC Essential Mix resurface on the producer’s latest EP, a double A-Side record comprised of the two collaborations that commence and conclude the landmark offering. Entitled “Bluebird” and “Duchess,” the productions feature This Never Happened signees Anderholm and Khåen, respectively.

“With ‘Bluebird,’ Anderholm had the idea of that main piano loop from the intro and some really cool sounding drums,” Lane 8 said of the re-imagined song. “I added layers of synths and a chord progression to bring it home.”

Speaking on the creative process of “Duchess,” Lane 8 credits the tune’s “brilliant synth hook” to Khåen. Lane 8’s aspiration to craft a “dancefloor” oriented number and Khåen’s gravitation towards a gripping hook collectively result in yet another release from the This Never Happened camp that will undoubtedly resonate with the label’s followers.

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