Ian Ewing creates yet another soulful single, ‘Willow’Untitled 1

Ian Ewing creates yet another soulful single, ‘Willow’

Milwaukee up and comer, Ian Ewing, strategically crafted his style so that it rings with elements of soulful hip-hop, ambient, and a touch of experimental.

As the second piece off his forthcoming EP. Overnight, he brings yet another vibey and thought provoking track, “Willow,” featuring Yasmeena‘s lush voice for the top line. Ewing’s ability in instrumentation is apparent at every turn, from the speckled guitar, to the deep kicks and a punchy snare that are then glued together with the soft hint of vinyl cracks, and a minimal vocal that allow the mind to wander and feel in it’s own space.

This tune is perfect for unwinding after a long day of work, so grab a drink, sit down and let the music do the rest.

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