Instagram formally introduces new Music Sticker featureImage

Instagram formally introduces new Music Sticker feature

Instagram users will find in-app story functionality to be more dynamic given the introduction of the photo sharing platform’s latest and previously rumored feature, Music Stickers.

Those seeking to make an Instagram story will now have the ability to select music from a vast library of song offerings, and to then add the chosen track to a photo or video story as a Music Sticker. An Instagram user’s degree of choice when applying the Music Stickers to an individual story post further expands in that Instagram account holders will be able to both fast forward and rewind the song selection to pinpoint the desired part of the tune. Instagrammers can also identify which song they’d like to use as a Music Sticker prior to video recording, thus allowing the track to play in the background of the clip.  Instagram will display the selected song’s title and accredited artist as the story plays, making for easy identification.

H/T: Hypebeast

Photo Credit: Thomas Trutschel—Photothek via Getty Images

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