Jonas Rathsman remixes CamelPhat & Au/Ra’s hit “Panic Room”Jonas Rathsman 2016 1

Jonas Rathsman remixes CamelPhat & Au/Ra’s hit “Panic Room”

CamelPhat went from rising duo to watch to putting out one of the most well-known singles of the year in 2017. In fact, their track with Elderbrook entitled “Cola” turned out to be the most Shazamed song of the year.

Of course, pressure to follow up such a hit was immense, but the UK outfit had something in their arsenal that fit their emerging musical brand in style and emotion. “Panic Room” ensued, and with vocals from Au/Ra, it maintained their sound of the underground with a note of catchy accessibility. Now nearly seven million streams later, “Panic Room” has officially entered the remix market with its first done by Jonas Rathsman.

Rathsman’s version of “Panic Room” brings the darkness to which the song’s title alludes, integrating techy and percolating synths throughout. It’s out now via Loudmouth Music.

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