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KRANE releases diverse ‘SESSIONS, Vol. 2’

In a music world where it’s hard to stand out, Oakland’s own KRANE is striving to make a difference. He’s been expanding not only his repertoire of productions, but bring up the talent he sees around him without looking at numbers — judging purely off their productions.

In his SESSIONS projects, KRANE invites artists from around the world to submit demos to be considered for the album. From there, he selects his favorites and invites them to co-write the track, which truly makes for a versatile body of work that is then glued together with KRANE’s silky production skills.

Now he releases SESSIONS, Vol. 2 that is an eight-track journey through styles from late-night driving slow vibes, to high-energy party anthems, and even some emotionally intricate and cinematic beauties. “Rift,” “Curfew,” and “Going Back,” deliver on all the gritty trap feels, laden with bass and dirty synths, while tracks like “Nothing To Lose” and “Changes” show the more chill side and bounce with beautiful percussion and melodies.

“I’m thrilled to release this latest batch of tracks from the SESSIONS project. I wanted to be more ambitious with this one- take on even more collaborators and tracks as well as push some of the genre bounds with these,” KRANE says of the body of work. “Each one of these artists I’ve worked with deserves immense credit for their productions, and I feel extremely privileged to help show them off to my listeners and to have gotten to work with them on these songs. I think there’s a little something for everyone in this package- some harder leaning songs, some soft and cerebral ones, but for me they capture some of what the community of up-and-comers has to offer that’s particularly exciting for the world of electronic music.”

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