Listen to Parachute’s acoustic cover of Zedd’s ‘The Middle’Maren Morris Zedd Billboard 1548

Listen to Parachute’s acoustic cover of Zedd’s ‘The Middle’

American pop rock band Parachute broke through in 2009 with the hit single, “She Is Love” — or as some might recall, the catchy song from the Nivea TV commercials.

Fast forward a few years, and a few succeeding albums, and Parachute takes on Zedd and Maren Morris’ mega hit in a barely recognizable cover of EDM favorite, “The Middle.”

A minimalistic rework that localizes its re-imaginative quality in the soft guitar and piano melodies that supplant Zedd’s lively synth work, and the replacement of Morris’ vocals with those of Parachute’s lead singer, Nate McFarland, Parachute’s cover makes use of a comparatively much slower BPM, crossing genres to convert the electronic favorite into a singer-songwriter stylized ballad.

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