Mako captivates with new commercial house single ‘Murder’Mako Murder Art

Mako captivates with new commercial house single ‘Murder’

Mako has released one of his most compelling works yet with his newest, “Murder.” The track is geared towards radio play with its vocal focus and commercial house chords propelling the track forward, but its catchiness will not be lost of electronic music fans. Mako has figured out the formula to keeping the listener hooked, and he spoke on his inspirations behind the track to Blackbook.

“I wrote ‘Murder’ in London during my last trip overseas,” he recalls. “I felt like I had something special, something I could embrace a darker, cinematic side with. I wrote the piano line immediately and started referencing left field material and film scores, like Jonny Greenwood’s There Will Be Blood, for textural inspiration. A lot of that headspace flies in the background, especially in the chorus.”

Seaver’s latest tracks show his artistic transformation from duo to solo artist, moving in a direction to make music that is more meaningful to him. The LA-based producer will be releasing a full length album as a solo artist, and he is certainly giving fans a lot to look forward to with releases like “Murder” on the way.