Martin Solveig shows his vocal chops on new single, ‘My Love’My Love Martin Solveig

Martin Solveig shows his vocal chops on new single, ‘My Love’

Many know Martin Solveig as the EDM pioneer and juggernaut who has helped proliferate and endear house music and its more commercial offshoots to the public at large. However, his musical gifts come from a long past as a classically-trained musician — the producer also spent quite awhile as a soprano in his famed hometown choir, Les petits chanteurs de Sainte-Croix de Neuilly.

He reprises his vocal abilities for his latest single, “My Love,” albeit, with stylized edits to fit the funk-driven, retro vibe of the tune. He sings a catchy hook over an even more infectious underlay, which achieves its nostalgia-inducing effects with gleeful piano chords, warm synths, and a prominent bassline that sounds very much like the French house of which Solveig finds his DJ roots. Three minutes simply fly by when listening.

” My Love” is out now through the powerhouse label Positiva. DA recently sat down with A&R director Jason Ellis and gained valuable insight on the process behind signing such tasty morsels of music.


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